Our Stallions

At Goin' Rogue Ranch we take pride in finding some the best Stallions in the World. Our Stallions are all Foundation bred and trace back to the Nez Perce and Palouse tribes of the Pacific Northwest many times. Like the Indians who originally bred them, we breed for speed and endurance. Our horses are very versatile and have excellent temperaments. Our stallions produce the finest foals. 3 of the colts that we bred are currently herd sires in their own right. Standing in Texas, Eastern Oregon and most recently Missouri. We do have limited service to outside mares. write us for more information. use the drop down box to see our current and future stallions at GOIN ROUGE RANCH

Past Stallions



Ochoco was our first stallion. This outstanding stallion was bred at the famous Decker Red Eagle Appaloosa ranch by Milton and Mary Decker. Standing 15 hands, Ochoco gave us 3 beautiful foals the first year. One is a herd stallion, one is a trail horse (for my sister in law) and the other is a Mare that we retained for our herd. He gave us 7 beautiful foals before we passed him on for others to enjoy. 

GRR Tou Velle Willie


Willie was our first son from Ochoco. Willie is a great looking Foundation Appaloosa stallion with a head to match. Level headed , easy to train, Willie is standing at stud in eastern Texas. Willie is out of the famous mare Oaks Patchy Cloud who (I've been told) won the very first FPD mare class. she was quite a producer of fine Appaloosa foals as I'm sure Willie will be. Willie had 6 foals this year. My favorite one was a G-5 filly and all were just beautiful.

GRR Ghost Talker Too


Talker is a 2014 Stallion by Ochoco. Excellent confirmation and a great temperament make this stallion a great as a herd sire. DNA tested EeAa LP/LP PATN1/PATN1, this boy can throw a leopard of any color and is a 100% color producer. He is 100% FPD and already has a son (GRR Ghost Talker JR) that looks just like him. He is now in Eastern Oregon making more foundation foals to keep this great breed alive.

GRR Maklaks WarHawk

Mak is a 2015 Tri-Colored Leopard with a hi IQ and a heart to please. This was the hardest sale I have ever made. I can't keep them all. Mak's pedigree is to die for, with  723 f#' s showing up in his pedigree. (F#'d horses were the foundation of the ApHC) Mak has 5 complete generations of registered Appaloosas with no crosses or unregistered horses in his first 64 ancestors. 

He is also registered with the Foundation Appaloosa Association and has a by bloodline % of 98.24%. and of course is 100% FPD. Mak saw his second son born just before he left our ranch. His son's name is GRR Maklaks FireRiver and that boy has 1140 F#'d horses appearing in his pedigree. He can be seen on the stallions page. Mak is our best Stallion to date. We Love  Mak! So proud of him.