Current Brood Mares

Maki's Gianni Sassi 

Gianni is a 1998 mare that has had many foals. she is an excelent mother and we are expecting a 2018 foal by Black Hawk. The foal pictured is from Deckers, who had Gianni before me. Tall mare at the withers with an excellent endurance pedigree.

BBAA Zetta Layla

Layla is a wonderful 2012 mare. We have both her babies here on the ranch and are keeping them for our future breeding stock. Layla is broke to ride and she is a pistol. she needs more hours on her after River is weaned. Layla is a G-5 and both her foals are G-6's .

RHA Yakimas Tobyanna

Anna is a 2005, 100% FPD mare. She has been shown, has had lots of arena work, plenty of trail rides and I even rode her in the Pear Blossom Parade in Medford Oregon. She excels at them all. we have 2 of her foals and you can find out more about her son Kamiakin in the Stallion page.

Ochoco Secret Beauty 

Silly is the barn name for this sweet 2010 mare. She is a big girl standing 16 h. She has had just 1 foal for us since we got her and he was an awesome one. she should be broke to ride by the end of summer and we plan on a 2019 foal by black Hawk.

Ochoco Thud 

Hampton is her barn name. This big girl is a 2012 mare. She is expecting her first foal in June 2018. a newer addition to our herd, she has an alpha personality with the horses but loves attention from people. 

DREA Comanche Blu Mist

Blu is one of our original mares. She is the mother of our senior stud Black Hawk. 1997 mare that has a sweet personality to go along with her excellent confirmation and pedigree. My wife's favorite. 

Wakons Banded Jewell

Jewell is a 2001 mare that needs 2 pictures to do her justice. As you can see she has a Chocolate band on one side and many shades of brown throughout her coat. She is our biggest mare at 16.1 h ad was definitely the wildest when we got her. She has given us 2 lovely Filly's thus far. The picture here is the 2017 filly Onyx, who can be seen further in our "future mares" section below.


Diamond is our youngest mare. She is a 2013 model, pictures with her first foal 2017 Ghost Talker JR. Diamonds mother was an awesome saddle horse and I rode her regularly. She has Appaloosa characteristic but no spots, just some roaning. She is a butt high mare that looks like a cutting horse and I have no idea where she got that confirmation. Love this mare!


2015 GRR Ferghana Mist

2015 GRR Owhi Miracle Gem

2015 Ochoco Liberty Belle

2016 GRR Molala Lil'

2016 GRR Blackwater Mishi

2017 GRR Ayi Onyx Eagle

Goin' Rogue Ranch Foundation Mares

We started with 4 mares, purchased from Decker's Red Eagle Appaloosa's. They were: "Ruby" DREA Peacocks Jewel, "Patchy" Oaks Patchy Cloud, "Blu" DREA BluCommacheMist, and "Alice" Pratt Tobys Girl. All were older, but they were fine mares that gave us foals for our future. 2 have passed and one is retired. Only one is still with us on the ranch and that is Blu. Her son Black Hawk is still standing and producing wonderful foals. They all live on in our herd. (Below, from left to right: Ruby, Alice, Blu and Patchy)