GRR Kamiakin

Kamiakin is a 2017 Colt. G-5, 100% FPD, with 571 F#'s appearing in his extended pedigree. Big boned, bright eyed, and has a love to run that spills over to the other 2017 foals.  This boy is growing fast. He is the last foal of DREA Patchy Eagle who happens to be my everyday horse. I think he will outgrow his pops who stands a solid 15.2.... Kamiakin is named after the famous Chief Kamiakin of Yakima War fame. Never captured and never did he live on a reservation. Kamiakin died a FREE man. Son of a NEZ Perce father and a Yakima mother, he was a living legend until his death in 1877. We hope this young colt will be the legend he is named after...keep watching.